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balance / fall risk
balance / fall risk

Millions of people fall every year. 1 out of 4 seniors fall every year. Once you have fallen, you then double your chances of falling again.

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There are many types of vertigo, all can be debilitating and interrupt your daily living activities and/or cause falls that lead to more serious injuries.

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strokes / brain injury / Parkinson's
Stroke / Brain Injury / Parkinson's

Strokes, Brain Injuries, Parkinson's Disease, ataxia and more are treated by specialized therapists.

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post-concussion therapy

The medical community's knowledge of concussion has increased significantly and the treatment approaches have changed dramatically based on new research.

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myofascial release
myofascial release for pain management and healing

A gentle, hands-on, whole body approach with goal of reducing pain and improving motion.

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vng diagnostic testing
vng diagnostic testing

A revolutionary, diagnostic method used to measure how well your balance system is working.

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Welcome to
OakBend Balance & Neuro PT

OakBend Balance & Neuro PT offers state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for both Vestibular (inner ear) and Neurological conditions.

The disorienting and sometimes dangerous effects of these problems are frustrating, but thankfully technology and improvements in clinical therapy techniques provide new direction and hope for those suffering from balance and dizziness problems. Our team of specialists will work closely with you and your doctor to achieve the highest level of success.

Eradicating the Feeling of
Spinning & Vertigo

First, you should know that dizziness, disequilibrium and vertigo affect 5-10% of the population, with that number increasing with age, with up to 30% of people over 65 being somewhat affected. Also, it appears that women suffer from these conditions somewhat more than men.

The brain relies on three sensory systems to maintain balance: the inner ear (vestibular system), the eyes and the somatosensory system (including skin, muscles, and joints). When damage occurs in one of these systems, conflicting messages may be sent to the brain and these cause dizziness.

These systems can be compromised in many different ways. They may be damaged by diseases or injury in the inner ear, brain damage from tumors or stroke or concussion, allergies, infections, nerve damage, multiple sclerosis (MS), Ménière's disease, etc. Also, prescription drugs can sometimes cause these symptoms. But the most common problems involve the bony labyrinths in the inner ear (the vestibular system).

Regardless of the Cause,
Treatments Are Available

We never think of our balance until it becomes compromised. Moreover, we may not be aware of the slow progression that takes place until it becomes severe, like after a fall. At OakBend Balance & Neuro PT, we want to help you stay balanced and help you recognize when you need a tuneup! Understanding what is causing your balance is the first step. The gold standard balance test on the market today is a Videonystagmography or otherwise known as a VNG test. Through this test, we can measure the strength of your vestibular (inner ear) system as well as determine how well your eyes and brain work together. It is anon-invasive test and takes only about 45 minutes. To find out more about testing, refer to the testing section of our website.

Balance and Aging

The ability to move freely with safety and confidence are essential to a high quality of life. For this reason, as we age, we need to monitor our balance and train ourselves in the "skill of balance."

No matter our age, if we sense a problem and find ourselves "losing our balance," we owe it to ourselves to be tested and treated if necessary, because this problem should not be swept under the rug.

Falls are among the greatest fears and concerns among older people, and with good reason. Balance problems left untreated are responsible for the countless such falls. If you sense that you are having problems with your balance, get the attention you need to control your balance.

Our team of specialists will work closely with you and your doctor to achieve the highest level of healing.

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OakBend Balance & Neuro PT affords general practitioners and their patients quick and easy access to the latest technology and science for balance and dizziness disorders.