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"No one needs to suffer with vertigo when you have therapist like Rashi and a whole team dedicated to helping those with balance issues! Don’t hesitate...get help! I can’t say enough about Rashi, she has gone above and beyond to help me. She spends time diagnosing and listening to me as a patient and then performs her magic. I especially love the way she checks up on me days later. Thank you Rashi!!!"
Jun 01, 2020
""I Highly recommend this clinic and Melissa Fortenberry for finally find a place that managed my vertigo in 1 session after evaluating my problem as well as consultation on both sides . Its rare nowadays for a person to see you more than 5-10 minutes as well as Listening to the patient ! My vertigo was bad , body battery was physically drained . I had a non event the rest of the day and had full sleep last night . Bless you Melissa , and friendly staff . FIVE ***** Star facility !""
Aug 26, 2019
"I was privileged to have Jorge Neira as my physical therapist. He is excellent! I appreciate is knowledge, kindness, and understanding!!! Jorge has given me hope that I can persevere despite my issues with balance and dizziness. At times I am overwhelmed and Jorge has given me a new focus. I will be forever thankful and grateful to him!!!! P.S. put a picture of him on your website!!!!"
Jun 21, 2019
"I'm very hard to please but I have no problem rating this center as excellent!"
Feb 26, 2019
"5+ Stars! Candace was my provider. After having a scary diagnosis, all fears were put to rest & I was home feeling good about treatment and care. I would definitely recommend your services to others. "
Feb 26, 2019
"Danielle was fantastic!"
Feb 26, 2019


"I very much appreciate the professionalism and warmth of each person with whom I came in contact. It is rare in today's world."

"Exceptional in every respect - if there was a category higher than excellent, you folks would qualify!!!"

"You all are supportive and positive. I really appreciate that. Good job to all of you."

"On Debbie Lee, I am very positively impressed with her and her therapy center."

"Very caring and interested staff. My experience was such I would definitely encourage others to use this fine resource."

"They didn't give up on me!"

"Couldn't ask for any better."

"I was treated with the utmost in professionalism. All of the staff was very cordial and seemed my welfare."

"Very positive; very friendly; very convenient coming from Rosenberg; ample parking area; my appointments were always on time."

"The location is so easy to get to. Parking is wonderful. I have given out many of your cards. I'm so satisfied. My improvement is great and my balance is much better. I only wish I had known about you sooner!"

"Melissa's encouragement of my progress was very instrumental to the healing process."

"Very friendly, caring, concerned and professional."

"A very positive, pleasant and helpful experience in every way."

"My physical therapy was a very pleasant experience. My therapist was very caring, knowledgeable and at all times cheerful."

"Balance Physical and Occupational therapists are professional, helpful and have given me the tools I need to remain mobile and independent."

"All your folks did everything to help me to help myself."

"I enjoyed the therapy sessions and they helped me to improve my balance."