VNG Diagnostic Testing

Although it seems obvious that a proper diagnosis is imperative, we fully understand the frustration felt by patients and professional care providers. Misinformation is rampant. Experts can't seem to agree and patients continue to suffer. Studies show less than 10% of patients reporting an imbalance disorder ever see a specialist. Even more disturbing is the fact that almost 70% of those patients seeking help are prescribed the drug Meclizine, which is a known inhibitor to the body's natural ability to compensate for balance disorders. We believe with the recent discoveries in the field, and the real world results being achieved, we have to get the word out that these ailing patients can be successfully treated. It is our mission and focus to address the needs of patients and treating physicians.

Diagnostic Tests
Our test results are so complete and accurate, we can immediately offer the best recommendation for treatment. Should the attending physician have questions or concerns about the data or information, we stand by ready as a resource to provide further information or as a sounding board for ideas and thoughts on the best course of action. Getting the patient to recovery is our only agenda.

The years, talent, training and experience we bring to the care team are an outstanding value, but none less than what the patient deserves.

Key Benefits

  • Top-notch professionals.
  • Patient can use the care provider with which he/she is most comfortable.
  • If the primary care physician is not well versed in imbalance disorders, the physician can utilize our services without having to refer the patient to another specialist.

The Videonystagmogram
The videonystagmogram is a revolutionary method of measuring eye movements for the purpose of evaluating the neurosensory system, specifically the vestibular system. The technique of using infrared video to capture the reflexive eye movements in the absence of light surpasses the previous methods of electronystagmography (ENG), which depends on surface electrodes for measuring eye movements. We offer the latest equipment to accurately and comfortably test your vestibular, neurological and balance functions.

We utilize Video ENG (VNG) equipment that assures the most reliable and accurate test in the industry. If you have or your physician has any doubts about the ENG test, please contact us and we can provide documented proof that it is more reliable and cost-effective than any known alternative, including CAT scans or MRI tests.

In most cases, we run a complete battery of tests in less than one hour. To be paid by your insurance carrier, the test must be ordered by your attending physician and must be considered medically necessary. After the test, our knowledgeable staff will document the results, provide them to a medically certified physician for final analysis, then submit them to the attending physician with recommendations for treatment.

Our many years of experience will go into every test to assure accuracy and proper diagnosis. Final treatment programs are decided by the attending physician.